• O2 Investment Partners is a Midwestern based private equity firm that seeks to acquire a majority interest in small and middle market manufacturing, niche distribution, select service and technology businesses. We will also consider opportunistic acquisitions in other industries. We invest in businesses with earnings growth potential and a clear path to the creation of shareholder value.We invest equity on behalf of our principals as well as a core network of other limited partners and strategic investors. We invest with a view toward partnering with management to build and grow the business and take it to its next stage of development. This requires not only a clear vision and strategic plan to create shareholder value, but a close partnership and alignment of interest with management.
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  • Investment Criteria

    Transaction Value: $5 million to $50 millionEBITDA: $2 million to $8 million (less for add-ons)Industries / Business Types:Industrial manufacturing, niche distribution, select service businesses, select technology segments, certain special situations
    Geographic Focus:O2 invests in companies throughout the United States and Canada with a preference for the Midwest and Great Lakes region