RheTech is a plastics compounding manufacturer and full-service supplier of polypropylene compounds and color concentrates. RheTech’s wholly owned subsidiary, RheTech Colors (www.rhetechcolors.com), manufactures and distributes a broad range of color concentrates and compound products to the thermoplastic industry. Our foremost goal at RheTech is gaining customer confidence and working hard to keep their business through innovation, performance, value and quality. Rhetech operates three manufacturing facilities in Whitmore Lake and Fowlerville, Michigan and Sandusky, Ohio.

Silbond Corporation

Silbond Corporation is a specialty chemical company located near Adrian, Michigan and is the world’s leading commercial producer and provider of tetra ethyl ortho silicate (TEOS). Silbond offers a full line of TEOS products as well as custom applications developed for specific customer needs. Silbond serves a broad portfolio of global industries, including the consumer electronics and semiconductor industry, the investment casting industry, the protective coatings and paint industry, as well as other chemical processors. Silbond produces TEOS in a unique and inherently clean direct reaction process utilizing silicon metal and ethanol. This allows Silbond to consistently meet the highest requirements for product purity, customer service and technical support.

Greco Aluminum Railings Ltd.

Greco Aluminum Railings Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of welded aluminum balcony railing systems headquartered in Windsor, Ontario with offices in Toronto, Ontario and Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. The company’s welded railing systems are installed in both new construction and restoration projects for high, medium and low-rise condominiums, apartment buildings, hospitality and senior living facilities. Greco’s welded balcony railings are often specified by architects, engineers and developers and have received praise throughout the construction industry for their high quality, reliable and innovative designs and for their ease of installation.

Mercury Manufacturing

Mercury Manufacturing Company designs, develops and manufactures custom precision valves and light mechanical assemblies for the AC/Refrigeration, Automotive and Heavy Truck Industries. Mercury engineers and manufactures a variety of check valves, pressure relief valves, solenoid valves, quick adjust mechanisms for manual clutches, hydraulic shaft assemblies and a variety of other specialty valves, machined components and mechanical assemblies for a worldwide customer base. The company was founded in 1964 and is based in Wyandotte, Michigan.

Alpha Sintered Metals, Inc.

Alpha Sintered Metals, Inc. is a premier manufacturer of high-precision powder metal components for the automotive, small engine, recreational vehicle, lawn & garden, commercial vehicle, and agricultural equipment industries. Alpha has been a pioneer in advancing the powdered metal industry through innovative material and process development. With its sophisticated in-house design capability, proprietary alloy metal development ability, and its molding, sintering, and machining operations, Alpha is able to offer customers customized solutions to meet the most demanding of manufacturing requirements.