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Investment Style

O2 Investment Partners, its principals and strategic partners look to provide resources to management in the development and execution of the strategic plan for the business. We have extensive and varied backgrounds and expertise upon which management can draw for support in developing strategic plans and growth initiatives, financial modeling and analysis, add-on acquisition analysis and negotiation, lender relationship management, treasury and cash management, product and market development, marketing, operational improvement, technical analyses, environmental issues, tax and tax planning, legal, and other issues that are non-core to the business that may distract management from focusing on execution of the plan. O2 Investment Partners is not a holding company. Each investment is made separately with equity invested by our principals and other core investment partners.

While we are strong believers in accountability and key metrics, we also believe in a decentralized investment approach that is hands on enough to understand and help influence the key drivers of the business, but hands off enough to empower management to execute their plan. This includes a compensation/incentive system that is aligned to the business plan. We are flexible and creative in our approach to structuring a transaction that best fits the needs of all parties involved, including the seller, management, employees, customers, suppliers as well as the buyers. We seek to maximize the opportunity to achieve the vision and strategic plan for the business and in doing so, create long term sustainable shareholder value. The types of situations we look for include:

  • Experienced management looking for capital and/or strategic assistance in taking a business to its next stage of development
  • Industry buy and build – expansion capital
  • Management buyout or re-capitalization
  • Corporate carve out or orphan
  • Family business – ownership succession
  • High growth businesses with defensible market position or brand
  • Management investment opportunity – co-investment and/or performance based incentive
  • Add on acquisitions for portfolio companies