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Luke K. Plumpton

phone: (248) 554-4215

Luke is a Partner of O2 Investment Partners and a member of the Firm’s Investment Committee. He has over 17 years of M&A, investment banking and operational management team experience. He is responsible for evaluating, structuring, negotiating and financing transactions, as well as monitoring O2’s portfolio companies.

Luke is a former Director of Strategic Planning for Hanford Pharmaceuticals, Senior Associate at Square 1 Bank and Analyst at Wells Fargo Securities (Healthcare Investment Banking Group). His experiences include leading companies through divestiture plans during the recession, publicly traded and private company deal facilitation for M&A, debt and equity transactions, and managing the build-out of a boutique venture debt bank. Luke serves on the Boards of O2’s portfolio businesses: Flip Electronics, First Class Air Holdings, Frontier Dental Super Holdings, Vessco Holdings, EIS Holdings, Mantis Innovation Group, and Packaging Concepts & Design.

Luke received his BA in Economics from Harvard University, where he graduated with honors. While attending Harvard, Luke also studied Corporate Accounting at MIT’s Sloan Business School.