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Luke K. Plumpton

phone: (248) 554-4215

Luke is a private equity executive with over 15 years of M&A, investment banking and operational management team experience. He is responsible for evaluating, structuring, negotiating and financing transactions, as well as monitoring O2’s portfolio companies.

Luke is a former Director of Strategic Planning for Hanford Pharmaceuticals, Senior Associate at Square 1 Bank and Analyst at Wells Fargo Securities (Healthcare Investment Banking Group). His experiences include leading companies through divestiture plans during the recession, publicly traded and private company deal facilitation for M&A, debt and equity transactions, and managing the build out of a boutique venture debt bank.

Luke serves on the boards of O2’s portfolio businesses: Frontier Dental Laboratories (Chairman), Vessco Holdings (Chairman), 1 Priority Environmental Services (Chairman), EMEX Holdings (Chairman), MHC Software (Board Director), Packaging Specialists (Board Director), Clio Holdings (Board Director), Precision Made Products (Board Director), Alpha Sintered Metals (Board Director), Precision Compacted Components (Board Director), O2 Specialty Manufacturing (Board Observer), Packaging Concepts & Design (Board Director), Fairhaven Integration Services (former Vice Chairman), NTI Connect (former Vice Chairman), CCSI Networks (former Vice Chairman), National Technologies (former Vice Chairman) and former Board Observer of Greco Aluminum Railings.

Luke received his BA in Economics from Harvard University, where he graduated with honors. While attending Harvard, Luke also studied Corporate Accounting at MIT’s Sloan Business School.