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We invest equity on behalf of our principals as well as a core network of other limited partners and strategic investors. This allows us to design the capital to fit the business. The capital structure of the business must be driven by and facilitate the achievement of the strategic plan, not the other way around.   ...Continue Reading

Investment Style

O2 Investment Partners, its principals and strategic partners look to provide resources to management in the development and execution of the strategic plan for the business. We have extensive and varied backgrounds and expertise upon which management can draw for support in developing strategic plans and growth initiatives, financial modeling and analysis, add-on acquisition analysis and negotiation,   ...Continue Reading

Key Business Characteristics

We look for businesses with the following characteristics: Track record of stable, recurring cash flows Entrepreneurial management team focused on developing and executing a strategic plan designed to create long term shareholder value Clearly definable and sustainable business model with defensible market position and growth potential Culture of seeking technology and innovation as key strategy for sustainable growth   ...Continue Reading

Community Corporate Citizens

As part of and in addition to creating superior returns for shareholders and partners, we believe in making a positive contribution to the communities in which our businesses and their employees are located. Being a good corporate citizen means creating a safe environment not only for employees, but for the surrounding community as well. It also   ...Continue Reading