unWired Broadband Holdings, LLC Partners with Xobee Networks, Inc.

March 2022

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

unWired Broadband Holdings, LLC (“unWired”) (www.getunwired.com), a leading fixed wireless internet service provider throughout the Central Valley of California, and a portfolio company of O2 Investment Partners (www.o2investment.com), announced today that it has partnered with Xobee Networks, Inc. (www.xobee.com).  

Xobee Networks, Inc. (“Xobee” or the “Company”) is a leading full-service managed service provider to small- and medium-sized businesses throughout California. Xobee is headquartered in Fresno, CA with six additional regional locations that provide a strong local presence with the power of a national brand. 

Peter Sorensen, President of unWired, stated “The unWired team has seen the rise of Xobee over that last 26 years and we are thrilled to realize the organic growth strategies of both companies. The Company’s strong presence throughout California and best-in-class reputation aligns well with unWired’s approach. We are excited to welcome the team and grow together.” 

Eric Rawn, Founder & President of Xobee, commented “We are excited about the strategic partnership in which we can join together to provide enhanced sales opportunities to clients, including marketing efforts geared towards expanding Xobee’s services. The Partnership will allow us to build our team, both sales, and service and support, with the goal of providing an unparalleled quality of service among our service offerings.”  

Jimmy Frye of O2 Investment Partners commented, “Over the last 26 years, Eric Rawn has built Xobee into the leading managed IT services provider throughout Central California and beyond, and we are excited to have him as a partner. The investment in Xobee represents a great cultural and strategic fit, and we are eager to execute on the growth plan.”  

About unWired: 

Founded in 2003, unWired is a leading fixed wireless internet service provider. Covering over 14,000 square miles with a network of over 170 towers, the company provides internet service to over 25,000 customers. unWired broadcasts internet signal from towers that are strategically located to cover rural and underserved areas. Using a small radio and antenna placed near the customer’s building or home, unWired delivers fast, reliable wireless internet with guaranteed speeds to almost any location in the Central Valley. Headquartered in Fresno, California, the company has approximately 130 employees. 

About Xobee Networks: 

Founded in 1996, Xobee Networks is a premier managed service provider offering a full-suite of technology products and services for small- and medium-sized enterprises. The Company serves more than 5,500 customers in California, Illinois, and Washington. Xobee offers computer network support, web design, application programming and other technology services. Headquartered in Fresno, California, the Company has approximately 70 employees.  

About O2 Investment Partners: 

O2 Investment Partners is a Midwestern based private equity firm that seeks to acquire majority interests in lower middle market B2B services, technology, and select industrial companies. The firm invests in businesses with earnings growth potential and a clear path to the creation of shareholder value. O2 invests with a view toward partnering with management to build and grow the business and take it to its next stage of development. This requires not only a clear vision and strategic plan to create shareholder value, but a close partnership and alignment of interest with management. 

Additional information is available at: www.getunwired.com ; www.xobee.com ; www.o2investment.com 

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